Safety and maintenance of lithium batteries

Always use a smart, specific Lithium battery charger to charge the battery, they have an adapted algorithm for lithium batteries which is different from lead/acid chargers. Below 12,80V your battery needs charging. Your fully charged Shido battery should show around 13,40V. To prevent damage to the battery, the charging voltage should NEVER be higher than 15,0V.  When in doubt check the voltage from your alternator.

It is recommended to charge the battery with the standard number of Ah as shown in the Battery Data. If you want to charge really quickly it can with the maximum charging current so you Lithium battery is charged in maximum 20 minutes.

If the battery seems hot when touching, stop charging. Allow battery to cool down before resuming.

The SHIDO Lithium battery is equipped with a LED indicator that checks the voltage of your battery. When pressing the “test” button it will show you the status of the battery. With three illuminated LEDS or ‘Full’ everything is OK, with two lit LEDs or “Med” is preferably to charge and one lit LED or ‘Low’ you have to recharge the battery.

Do not allow to drain the Shido battery under 9,6V as they are difficult or impossible to recover.  Charge immediately with a specific lithium charger and NEVER with a lead/acid charger.

When you store your bike equipped with an alarm system for more than one week, use a specific lithium charger with maintaining mode to keep your battery healthy.

A SHIDO battery is completely maintenance free and has no venting like some lead-acid batteries. Cells and electronics are waterproof sealed in the container so that the battery can also be used for Jet Ski. The battery cannot leak and thus may be used in any position, even upside down.

For most lead-acid batteries, there is a SHIDO Lithium alternative. Since its shape is identical to a lead-acid battery, it can be easily installed and connected in your vehicle. The universal terminal allows all connections. Some SHIDO batteries are equipped with four terminals, two positive and two negative poles, simply by turning the battery 180 degrees this Q(Quadri) terminal battery has whether the positive pole left or right. When properly connect the LiFePO4 is the safest Lithium cell available, improper use will warm the battery, but will not explode or burn.

Disposal of lithium batteries must be done according to the regulations of the country or region where you live.

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